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09 Feb 2016
SAP HANA Administration Training

Prerequisite to learn SAP HANA
Do you wish to learn and make your career in SAP HANA try not to know from where to get started on?
Do you have questions like:
•    What would be the prerequisite to learn SAP HANA?
•    Is ABAP needed to learn SAP HANA?
•    I have no idea SAP BW, SAP BO, SAP BI. Can I learn and make career in SAP HANA?
•    Can people who have varied background (JAVA, PHP, .NET, JavaScript, HTML etc.) with no prior SAP knowledge be able to succeed in SAP HANA?
•    From where to begin learning SAP HANA?
•    How to have access to cost effective SAP HANA Server, SAP HANA Studio as well as other client tools?
•    What are the SAP HANA certifications and how does it help in boosting my career?
•    If I would like...